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This Semester and What Comes Next

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 Samuel Krakower There’s nothing like hearing Christmas music in Chase Hall, it means we’re just about done with the semester! Of course, with the end of the semester come finals. As classes wrapped up, it’s amazing what we all have learned academically this semester. My Chemistry teacher, CDR St. George, showed us a binder about six inches thick full of Chemistry work, tests, PowerPoints, and the like. She bluntly said, “This was Chem 1.” We all got a laugh out of it, but it really is extraordinary how much we all have struggled and advanced this semester. I know I wasn’t looking too good in the beginning academically, but I have picked up drastically since then, looking at As and Bs in most of my classes. Study and Conference Day is today, where we basically went around to all of the classes we needed to go to and received all last minute help and suggestions for the finals. I’m really excited to get these finals knocked out.

We’ve all been told that it will only get harder after break, and that will most definitely be the case for me. I’ll be taking Stats and Engineering, the second parts of Chemistry and Calculus, and Macroeconomics, to name a few courses. Our jobs as 4/c are only going to get harder as well, at least that’s what our guidon says. On the other hand, starting next semester, lacrosse will kick in, as will the Cadet Musical. Glee Club has a trip planned to Texas in February, and Model UN will be planning for the McGill Conference in Montreal! There’s a lot to look forward to, but the main focus now is to bang out these finals, and onto winter leave!

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