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Studying for Finals

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 James Meyers I have finals this week, and as soon as those are done, I get to leave and go home for three whole weeks. The fact that I get to leave is what’s going to get me through them. Three weeks. The longest I’ve been away from the Academy was five days for Thanksgiving and I didn’t even get to go home, I spent it at my grandparent’s house in Rhode Island. Anyway, finals are here and I’m pretty sure I’m ready for them. I’ve gotten almost all A’s in my classes as if that’s not enough of an indicator of how I’m going to do, I study all my old notes and the old material comes back very quickly.

While some people are using the cramming method, I find that it works a lot better to have been studying all semester and then just review. That way, as soon as I’ve reviewed my material, I actually have free time to relax. It is important to find at least a little time to rest so that you don’t explode with all the things you have to do during the day, especially during finals.

Fortunately, the Academy becomes almost like a normal college for a week, as many duties are dropped in favor of academic time and studying. There is much more time for closed door studying in rooms, and we no longer have to cover clocks (clocks can be an entry of its own). Finals, at least for me, is a good time as long I have been studying hard for the whole semester. The work pays off in the end.

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