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Finals and Finally Going Home

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 Justin Sherman “There is just one more day until the last day of finals (and my last military obligation).”

I never thought knowing the days to go (daily required indoc) would be worthwhile, but the countdown to winter leave (two weeks long) has never been more exciting. It will be my first time to be really home since I left the week before Swab Summer. When I flew home for Thanksgiving, we travelled to see family, so it was a whirlwind of a trip, hardly what I would call “being home.” So, winter leave will be the first time to relax at home and to catch up with friends.

But, first come finals. I have three. Not too bad, but my first two were this weekend, Friday and Saturday; my last is on the last day of finals, Wednesday. Guess I’ll be one of the few toughing it out to the end. Finals week isn’t bad though, because we get liberty every day. That is a sweet deal, but it doesn’t beat being home. Nevertheless, I’ve had my fill of holiday morale, too: decorating the chapel, a jazz band Christmas gig at a retirement home, four giant, overflowing trays of Christmas cookies (and I’m not exaggerating) in our dayroom (company lounge area), decorating my room with Christmas lights and stockings (room decorating is huge here—way more than I expected), the corps-wide holiday dinner, company morale party, a candlelight service, caroling at the Teutons’ (leaders of the Officers’ Christian Fellowship group), and making holiday gifts with my sponsor family. There is quite a bit of cheer to remind cadets that finals season is also the holiday season.

Earlier this year, a firstie told me that finals week is ironically the week that he gets the most sleep. I didn’t believe him at first. I mean, come on, it’s finals week. Boy was I wrong. I really have had more time than I know what to do with. So I’ve filled my time building paper cubes and other 3D shapes (which I Googled and found were called sonobe origami). They’re simple to make and somewhat soothing—a great stress reliever for finals week and something to keep my mind off the slowly ticking clock until I get to go home. Well, I better go and finish preparing for my history final (tomorrow). Oh, and start packing out (when we get back from break we get new roommates!).

I hope everyone has a great holiday break and happy new year. See you in 2012!

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