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Four Months Left

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 Kevin Subramanian What a start to the semester! So much has happened since the beginning of the semester. The Corps was honored to have Admiral Robert Papp, Commandant of the Coast Guard, speak to us during the first week back from break. Shout out to 4/c Peter Driscoll, who asked a question and was complimented by the most powerful man in the Coast Guard! After a relaxing break back home in New Jersey, I found it very difficult to adjust back to the Academy lifestyle. Many upper-class explained how that is a normal thing and it would only be a matter of time before we were back in the groove again.

All the fourth class are anxiously awaiting “101st Night”, this Sunday, where fourth class cadets have the chance to “earn” being second class cadets for a day. I am excited, because it will be physically and mentally demanding, but rewarding in the end. There are less than four months left of being a fourth class. All the 4/c keep reminding each other and everyone is working hard together to get through schoolwork and prepare for the Challenge of the Guardsman in April.

The men’s basketball team went on a six game losing streak to begin the month of January. I was lucky enough to watch them snap that streak, beating Wheaton 75-69, a night filled with spirit and fun. Paul Duddy, an Academy grad, received the Spirit of the Bear Award for all the support he has given to the Corps’ sports teams.

There are now eighteen days until the next long weekend! Everyone has the countdown ready and they are finalizing their President’s Day Weekend plans. I will be going home to New Jersey again. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the Academy at Semper Paratus!

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