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Basketball, Finals and Leave

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 Kevin Subramanian There’s no better feeling than beating MMA (Merchant Marine Academy), the Coast Guard Academy’s rival in all sports. Yesterday, most of the Corps came out to watch the men’s basketball team win 85-77 in a thrilling game. The team has now won four straight games and has high expectations for the rest of the year. After jumping out to an early lead, MMA came back with a 20-1 run in the second half, making things interesting. The enthusiasm of the crowd and the amazing play of 2/c Greg Marshall, 3/c Kevin Sowers, and 4/c David Anderson helped Coast Guard end the game on a 15-6 run.

Things are tense with finals approaching in about two weeks. First, this Saturday is Winter Formal! It is the first formal for fourth class cadets, who received their “Dinner Dress Blues,” yet another uniform to add to the collection. Additionally, the Academy gives cadets a lot of time to prepare for finals by easing up on military obligations and ending classes two days before the first day of exams. I have three exams to prepare for: Calculus, Statics and Engineering Design, and Chemistry. Some fourth class cadets have up to five finals to prepare for! Everyone seems stressed; however, it’s only a reminder that 4/c year is halfway done!

The Corps seemed to enjoy the time away from the Academy during Thanksgiving Leave. I travelled to Philadelphia with my father and had a chance to attend a Flyers hockey game! During a break in the game, a veteran walked onto the ice and was honored by the team. I was in shock as I saw players put down their sticks, referees pocket their whistles, and fans drop their food, and give a standing ovation for the American hero. I got goosebumps as a “U-S-A!” chant rang throughout the arena. It’s moments like these I am grateful to be in such a great country and realize the honor it is to serve.

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