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I Would Not Choose To Be Anywhere Else

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 Cameo Ulbricht This is my first submission as a 4/c. The summer itself flew by, and now Swab Summer is only a blur of indoc quizzes, countless push-ups, and six-minute showers (yes, that is possible). School is going pretty well, a few rough days, but that is to be expected with the duties we have as 4/c. Company orderlies, clocks for formation, school, homework, sports practice, division responsibilities, and duty rotations, and preparing our uniform. The transition from prep school in New Mexico has been smooth, as we have already experienced managing a rigorous academic and athletic schedule. One thing I keep in mind is that about 250 other people like me are going through the same thing, and then it doesn’t seem as bad. Midterms are around the corner which has a lot of us stressed out due to the flurry of tests and research papers, and the plethora of homework assignments we “ accidently” put off until the night before. What are a few late nights and study groups now and then? Luckily, I have only had a couple of really late nights.

Our cross country team continues to perform really well. We are currently ranked 10th in Division III for New England, and hopefully after our meet this weekend, we can climb up in the ranking. Our team has a strong bond, which helps with our successful performance. It’s comforting to know that I have 20 other girls to go to for help in classes, or for help personally. The long runs and hard workouts during practice help relieve stress, and unwind from the busy day of classes. Everyday I look forward to cross country, even though not many people would admit they enjoy running for fun.

Academy life by no means is easy, but I would not choose to be anywhere else. At the end of the day I have more appreciation for life, and the opportunities it has to offer.

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