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 Spencer Zwenger In about a half hour I go to take my last final for this semester. As I said in my previous blog, the first semester here goes by extremely quickly. I’ve been here nearly six months and it seems like I’ve only been here about a month. Anyway back to the topic of interest, finals. A time where the whole corps of cadets is pretty relaxed but stressed at the same time. I say relaxed because the only things you have to worry about are the finals that you have yet to take. However, everyone is stressed because the finals are a big part of your grade. When you aren’t sleeping, eating, or taking a test, you try and find a couple hours to sit down and study. After finals, it will be the first time that I get to go home since the day that I reported in. There isn’t a feeling greater than knowing you get to go home and tell everyone what you have been doing for the past six months. Especially when this place isn’t the typical “college experience.” Even better than getting to see your family though, is the much-needed break everyone is given from the Academy. A time where we all can just go sit on the couch and relax, something that is extremely rare for this place. Any questions? Email me at

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