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Ready to be Back

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 Meredith Anderson WOW! It’s midterm already! I haven’t written in a while, but it doesn’t seem like that long since I have. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago when I was on Christmas Leave, at home in New York, enjoying the presence of my friends and family, and the lack of the Academy (at least on a short-term basis).

Christmas leave took me home. I had a great time catching up with all of my friends, attended Golden Mass (a large Christmas celebration at my alma mater high school), ringing bells for the Salvation Army with my dad, and just being home. Being able to drive my truck or the bobcat, being able to roll around in the snow in my front yard like an immature child, and of course experiencing the joys and warmth that comes with the Christmas season and the presence of family. (As an aside, I received some wonderful presents, the most useful and probably my favorite of which came from my aunt, was a new kind of chicken noodle soup! It’s made by Campbell’s, comes in a package which makes it look like it’s freeze dried, and all you do is add water. Then, voila! Delicious soup appears!) By the time I got back in January, however, I was more than ready. I found that I kinda missed the Academy environment—the people, the routine, and most of all not ever being bored.

As the new term started, I got a whole round of new classes, teachers, and even a new room. It’s funny actually, that my room moved four doors down the hall (still pretty much in the middle of nowhere, with a beautiful view of the river), and my best friend moved into my old room. He jokes that this is his second semester living in that room, seeing as he would always come to visit me last semester. My new roommate and I were roommates over Swab Summer, and work well together. My classes this semester include Probability and Statistics, Statics and Engineering Design (SED), Chemistry II, Leaders in U.S. History, Honors English, Principles of Fitness II and Personal Defense; and even with all these classes, I managed to get free periods, unlike last semester. I happen to be the only freshman in my Probability and Statistics class, which is a little uncomfortable (especially when your Company Commander sits right behind you) and we have yet to learn about any leaders in Leaders of U.S .History, but besides that I find my classes enjoyable enough. I have the same Chemistry teacher I had last semester by request, and ended up taking afternoon classes just to have him; if I hadn’t been picky my schedule would have been stacked to have no afternoon classes any day of the week except Chemistry Lab on Tuesday afternoons.

Also, as the semester started, I was pulled from the swim team due to my shoulder injury. I played intercompany sports in the interim between swimming and being accepted onto my new team, Dinghy Sailing. As to Bowling Club, West Point stood us up—so we rescheduled yet again.

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day I went home with a Ray Henderson to Boston. His family took outstanding care of me while I there and extended unrivaled hospitality to me. It was a new experience for me, actually staying and being in a BIG city for a weekend, especially given the fact that I’m a small town girl.

As February crept toward us, all of the fourth class began studying immensely for our 4/c indoctrination “Boards”. I did not pass on my first try, much to my dismay. A pass is considered attaining eight questions correct out of ten; my first try I got seven and a half points—and failed by ½ of a point. My second try, however, I aced it—got all ten questions right. Boy, does it feel good to have that weight off my shoulders. I can actually concentrate on my school work now, instead of neglecting it to study for Boards.

Last weekend, President’s Day, I got to go home. A classmate of mine, who ironically enough used to go to school with me, was driving home and lives forty minutes from me. Naturally, I took the opportunity to go. It was so nice to be able to jump in the car to go shopping or get food, instead of having to wait for the libo bus; but the best part: I wore jeans or fuzzy non-issued GRAY sweatpants with some manner of shirt that had no blue in it (even if just about any outfit was accompanied by my issued Sperry Docksiders). The craziest part of the weekend adventure had to be flying back to school though. In Rochester, deicing the plane took over an hour, instead of the usual forty minutes and our plane literally could not get to the runway and got stuck heading out, only to have to be rescued by the tug boat of airports.

Finally, after finishing everything up this week, I departed on recruiting leave and arrived home very late, well actually early this morning. I will be home for two days, and then fly into Boston in order to then fly to Florida with my friends for spring break. It should be awesome!

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