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Tips on Applying

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jessica Nelson ‘Tis the season for applying and here are a few tips that helped me in my application process…

1. Put down every activity, club, and sport you are a part of. The Academy is looking for well-rounded individuals and is looking to see that you can do well in multiple areas, not just one. Be exhaustive in showing what you do. I put down sports, city races, community service, church involvement, honor society, etc. The point is to give the Academy a broad view of who you are.

2. Be yourself. In the essays, answer them in a way that truly reflects you. For example, my faith is a huge part of who I am, so in the essays, I wrote about that. Similarly, if sports are big to you, put that in there as well. The application is for the Academy to get to know you and see if you would be a good fit, so be personal.

3. Take your time. Each year thousands of students apply to the Coast Guard Academy, but only about 250-300 of them get in. One big factor differentiating those that get in and those that do not is effort. Be methodical and thoughtful as you write your application and essays. Think before you write, and edit when you do. You want to show the Academy your best, so take your time. It does not matter whether you get your application in the day it is due or a month before, what matters is the content.

4. Lastly, the biggest question I get is about grades. Personally, I was just an average homeschooled girl, who got good but not genius status grades. What was more important to the Academy was that I was well rounded and had taken on leadership roles in high school. Verify that your GPA and SAT scores meet the requirements, and then focus on the rest of who you are. Are you the captain of a sports team? An intern at your church? Do you get involved in community service? Like I mentioned earlier, the Academy wants to know that you are well rounded and have leadership potential. Grades are but a small piece of what the Academy looks at.

All in all, be yourself! Good luck on your applications, and if you have any more questions (I know I did when I was in your shoes), feel free to send them my way! God bless and happy studying!

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