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Snow Day, 2011

(Just for Fun, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Jessica Nelson So there I was eating dinner, halfway through a perfect square, when I first heard the noise.


Soon others joined in until the whole wardroom was full of cheering. At first I assumed that the other classes were playing some cruel joke to make the 4/c break their brace, but someone from my company ran up to me and told me the reason for all the commotion.

"School is canceled, Nelson!"

School canceled? And because of snow no less? This was something new to this Hawaii girl, whose idea of a day off was because a sweet set was coming in on the North Shore and all the students were taking a surf day. Needless to say, I was downright giddy about a snow day. And what a day it turned out to be! The whole campus was lively with people sledding, snowball fighting, and romping around in the winter wonderland. For me, it was quite possibly the best day here at the Academy. I had never played in that much snow before! My checklist consisted of making a snowman, making a snow angel, hiking all over the campus in the snow, having an epic snowball fight, and sledding. Then, of course, the day would not be complete with out a cup of hot cocoa tacked on to the end.

That snow day was a nice tension-breaker to the stress of coming back to the Academy. At the beginning of winter break, I was all excited for the new semester, but toward the end of the three-week leave period, I was dragging my feet about coming back. While I love the Academy, I had a hard time saying goodbye once again to my family and home. It was also not easy leaving sunny Hawaii to come back to the “Dark Ages” in New London, where the sun sets at 1630. I guess it was what I was making of it, because after playing around for a day and enjoying the cold, I actually kind of appreciate the climate change.

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