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Live Long, Sail Often

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 Jessica Nelson This past week marked the end of the dinghy sailing season. It was getting way too cold out on the Thames River, and my Hawaiian blood was missing the warm Pacific Ocean. Despite the cold, I am sad to see it end, especially since it was the first season for me. I walked onto the team with only a year of sailing experience in single-handed craft (lasers) and only a vague idea of what it meant to do a roll tack, and am walking off knowing more than I ever realized existed.

At the beginning of the season, I was immediately placed as crew (the person in charge of the jib) with a second class. He taught me not only how to roll tack but basically how to race double-handed craft (FJs and 420s) in college competitions. The coaches also had me switch boats and sail with other skippers so that I got multiple viewpoints on what makes a good crew. I never realized how enormous a job the crew had until I came to the Academy!

With all of the new knowledge I gained from the team, I was able to compete in the Freshman Championships this past week with two of the top freshmen on the sailing team; we ranked third at that regatta! The whole CGA team did well in fact, as the woman’s double-handed team qualified for the Atlantic Coast Championships (ACCs). Go Lady Bears! This season was definitely one of the best experiences for me as a sailor, and I am so grateful for my amazing team. Bring on the spring season!

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