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A New Attitude

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 Jennifer Patron January is come and gone and I could not be happier with the way the semester is playing out so far. My classes are much better because I am taking more major-specific classes and I am training for my first marathon. I have already completed seven half marathons and it finally feels to take it up a notch. Luckily, there are classmates who are supportive and are also just as crazy as me to run so much. This time last year I was playing Lacrosse and although it was a great experience, I really wanted to focus on my personal lifetime goals. As for classes, I am also changing my habits and approaches. In high school, I was an avid student and it carried over to the Academy and continues to this day. What is changing is my understanding of how to handle specific classes based on the instructor.

During my 4/c year, teachers were very regimented and had schedules set in stone because the entire freshman class had the same courses. However this year, my instructors are free to alter and take out things from the syllabus. (This can get a little frustrating.) Nonetheless, one has to be on their toes and be prepared for anything. This is my new skill: preparing for ambiguity. Now, I know that seem to be contradicting and impossible but it makes things interesting. Militarily, the summer cadre assignments are still pending. I am requesting the prep program – Coast Guard Academy Scholars (CGAS) because that was my own stepping stone to the Academy and eventually a commission. For right now, all I can do is wait to hear who is assigned to what. More progress will be posted as soon as I hear anything. Lastly, I have 32 days until my big Spring Break trip to ROME! I am going with the Catholic Club (officially called St. Francis De Sales club). It’s going to be a great semester!

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