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 Jennifer Patron This past month has been more demanding than I have ever experienced. With the semester closing, I find myself spending more time with teachers, reinforcing past material to ensure I do well. The good news is that support is always available if you make the effort to find it, and the instructors at the Academy are always more than willing to sit and go over material.

School is always a priority, but my family is a huge part of my life and as of last month we found out my dad, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, is scheduled for deployment this month. The deployment made changes to plans my family had for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, this will be our third deployment and by this time we know what to expect to an extent. With my sister and me out of the house, my brother and my mom are the only ones at home, it is important my sister and I do our best from afar to minimize problems and be more of helpful rather than hindering.

My upperclassmen have been very supportive and I could not be more grateful. I requested a short (going home from Saturday to Sunday) the weekend my father leaves and my Company Commander as well as the rest of the chain of command requested I receive a long (Friday to Sunday). The “Special” was routed up to our company officer who determined whether I would be able to go home. In the end, I will be able to go home Friday and spend the entire weekend with my family and say goodbye to my dad for awhile. I don’t think any other place would show such empathy like the Academy.

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