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cadet blogs

Trying New Things

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Brianna Townsend As my time continues at the Academy, I am always looking at my past and what I have done so far. This past weekend I went to Montreal, Canada to perform with the Dance Team and the Windjammers at McGill University. I had an amazing time, and it was very nice to get away from the Academy for the weekend. The entire time I was in Canada I thought about why I came to the Academy and one reason that I did was to try new things in my life. Joining the Dance Team was probably the most different thing that I could have done compared to what I would typically do. I have never been on a team like this and it makes for a great opportunity to meet new people.

The Academy creates a completely different atmosphere than other schools because you are able to try everything that you have ever wanted to do. It gives you a chance to experiment with different sports or clubs that may have interested you in the past, but did not have the possibility to try them. I get to live out all of my dreams that I probably would not get to do at a normal college. The bonds that I have built with my Dance teammates would never have been this strong if it was not for the opportunities that I am given here, and I could not be more thankful for that. This past weekend brought many good memories, and I look forward to more exciting times as I continue my years here at the Academy.

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