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(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
 Brianna Townsend This semester has been flying by so far, and I have done so much in just the past few weeks. I am well into my academic classes right now and I have even had a few tests already. I have been very busy with schoolwork lately, but luckily I have found time to find my new passion in dancing. This school year I joined the dance team and I love it. We have had two performances so far which were exciting but I was extremely nervous at the same time. I look forward to the rest of our performances such as at the Homecoming Football game, which is this upcoming weekend.

Joining the dance team was not the only change in my life at the Academy; I am now a 3/c cadet, which brings different responsibilities than when I was a 4/c. The transition that all 3/c cadets have to go through if from changing the mentality of followership to being a mentor is not too difficult but it is a big change in the way you act towards others. I am now in responsible for answering any questions the 4/c have and being accountable for them. I enjoy this different role as a cadet especially because it does not involve me taking out the trash everyday!

I am greatly looking forward to what this school year will bring. I hope there are more positive changes and that it will help me grow as a cadet and eventually as a leader.

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