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Spring Leave

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 Brooklyn Andreasen As I ascend the scuffed concrete steps my eyes immediately focus on one of New York City’s massive skyscrapers. Lit by a pristine white light the imposing building instantly struck me as a foreshadowing of all of the adventures I knew I was about to embark upon with my aunt and uncle. Spending my Spring Break in New York City and Washington D.C. is not necessarily conventional, however after living first on the West Coast and then a simple train ride away, and still never visiting either city seemed like a serious problem that needed to be fixed! After arriving in New York City, my break had really begun and my aunt was determined to see as many things as possible in these two historic cities. She would have made the most ambitious and professional tourist envious of our schedule. I thought that I had done a lot of walking since coming to the Academy, but we tested that a couple of times on our explorations of Times Square and then at the nation’s capitol.

It is truly a novelty that such history resides in this part of the country, whether it is more recent “pop culture” or the site of this nation’s beginnings. I find a similar charm on the grounds of USCGA, though it is more difficult for cadets to see. This difficulty can at times compel cadets to voice their grievances, a lot! My aunt and uncle quickly learned about many of the nuances of our daily lives. Despite all of this, my uncle still seems to think that my brain will be brimming with vast amounts of knowledge, and that this is a good thing. Alas, as the cliché goes, all good things must come to an end, cadets returned and things have been as normal as can be expected for Academy life. All that separates us from our summer assignments is about seven weeks and most definitely too many exams to count.

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