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Good Things

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 Brooklyn Andreasen Eating, sleeping, not signing out every time you leave your house, these are all good things that I enjoyed over my few weeks of Christmas leave. I was anxious to see the California sky, however hazy it is I’ve found that I have grown quite attached to it after eighteen years. As I flew home, on planes that seem to get smaller each time, I thought about everything and everyone I was leaving behind in Connecticut, and I remember thinking how lost I would be if that part of my life was gone. Once people find out I attend the Academy that is about all our conversations entail. Where this was irritating last leave, I find that I now enjoy speaking about life at USCGA and what we do. Still, I always feel as though I am interrogating my friends at civilian colleges asking them about campus activities, classes, and what it is like to live in an apartment! These things fascinate me; I enjoy hearing about the stories behind the pictures I see. While leave is always excellent for recuperating, it never seems quite long enough, yet we survive, looking forward to the next long or three day weekend that is always just around the corner.

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