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Happy To Be Home

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2013) Permanent link   All Posts
 Brooklyn Andreasen As I sit here contemplating what will become my next cadet journal I am listening to the iPod I just got for my birthday. I was surprised at how normal my birthday could be. I opened presents the morning I turned 19, ate a huge birthday cake and talked (probably too long) to all of my friends in my hometown. I ordered a present to be sent to my sister two days before my birthday, since that’s the day of her birthday. My goal is for there to be as little distance between my family and myself as possible; excluding of course the looming fact that I am indeed over 3,000 miles away from them. So it is no wonder that this time is difficult for me. I am contemplating what I should say to those of you who could be the future of the Coast Guard but all I can think of is my home and my family.

In less than six days, the corps of cadets will be leaving one home for another. Chase Hall will be empty but 900 houses all over the world will have one or maybe a few cadets trying to adjust to yet another new routine, for a little while at least. Spring break for many if not most college students is about letting lose, it is not so different for us cadets, except I know that for me as a 4/c letting lose means NOT: BRACING UP, KEEPING MY EYES IN THE BOAT, or TAKING OUT THE TRASH. Ok, so I’ll probably still be helping out with chores at my parents’ house. With spring break also comes our midterms, and so I multitask, studying for one test while packing one suitcase. This will be the second time I have been home in nine months and I relish the prospect of flying home (for a total flight time of eight hours). I will be planning my days while accepting the fact that the hyperactive mental schedule I have in my mind will never become a reality when put up against my father’s easygoing approach. He says we can “play it by ear” and I know I’ll just be happy to be home, eating and sleeping on my own time and for large amounts at a time. Spring break will be a good opportunity for everyone to take a time out from Academy life and as many officers say “recharge our batteries”. I feel that taking some time for yourself is vital to surviving in this place. We can refocus and prioritize.

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