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 Alexa Ward In the month of December, I automatically think of Christmas, snow (ideally), and shopping for presents. Not so much here. At the Academy, December is when we wrap up the fall semester, in the two and a half weeks after Thanksgiving break when we try to squeeze in that last bit of information before finals.

Unfortunately, for most of us, that means we have innumerable projects, papers, presentations, and tests crammed into just eight days. Classes fall into one of two categories: those that assign last-minute projects, papers, presentations, and tests, and those that have nothing left to teach. The vast majority of my classes this year fall into the former, but I can literally feel the anticipation building, and not just in the barracks.

While many of the cadets are breaking out festive decorations, the teachers too are prone to showing us their holiday spirit as well. In some of my classes, this consists of the instructor donning some ridiculous themed sweater, while others pass out sweets to keep us paying attention. It seems like everyone just wants to clear the Academy and head safely home to recuperate for a couple of weeks.

Alas, the break only comes after finals, when everyone takes a three hour test for every class that requires a final. Some are lucky and can validate based on the class performance, or some teachers decide that they would rather have an in-class final rather than waiting a few extra days to grade. Regardless, I can’t wait to finish my finals and get on home to family and warmer weather!

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