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Too Good to be True

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 Michael Klakring The spring sailing season began last week, and was one of the best weeks of sailing I have ever experienced here at the Academy. With record high temperatures around 65 degrees and a nice steady breeze all week, it was a great welcome back to the Thames River. But alas, it was way too good to be true.

The second week of sailing began with no breeze on Monday and a cancelled practice, while Tuesday had minimal breeze and pouring rain. Not ideal conditions. Yesterday made up for it though, as it was blowing about 20 knots with pretty decent puffs out on the river as well. It was a hectic practice with lots of boats and people getting very wet, but was a lot of fun too. I am now convinced that the 26’ Colgates we were sailing are impossible to capsize. Never before yesterday had I ever actually hung vertically from the stanchion as we heeled over so that if I let go, I would have fallen through the cockpit and into the water. It was crazy.

The spring sailing season is pretty light, with only two or three match racing regattas at King’s Point and Annapolis. It only lasts about six weeks, but that’s ok with me because after that, I will be doing Ocean Racing again! Here I come Bermuda…

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