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Good Ol’ Finals

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 Alexander Lloyd It’s that time of year again – the culmination of the academic semester; finals. It is the one time of year where all of your friends at other colleges feel the same way you do: overloaded. Having just completing my last day of classes today, I can honestly say that this past week has not been easy. In the short week and a half since my return from Thanksgiving leave, I have taken four tests and turned in a project in almost every class. As the fall semester of my 3/c year comes to end, I can definitely say that I feel accomplished.

With a day off tomorrow, finals will commence on Friday. I will take five finals in four days, but it will definitely go by fast. With no other obligations than the tests, I will have ample time to study and catch up on sleep. In less than a week, I will be departing my last test to head home for winter leave and some good ol’ rest and relaxation.

Happy Holidays and good luck with any finals you may have on your own!

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