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The Right Side of a Cadet's Noggin

(Just for Fun, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Kathryn Peek Last night I relived my good old high school days as I pulled an all-nighter, listening to music and painting. I went to bed around 6:30 this morning with the sun up, but more importantly, with my art piece finished for this week’s Cadet Art Show. The Cadet Art Show is an event held once a year in Upper Leamy. The artists come out of the woodwork of the cadet corps and submit all the wonderful right-brained creations that they produced during their free time between academics, sports, and military obligations. It is an event for all those who love funneling their emotions and inner workings into a finished visual aesthetic.

The show runs through April, showcasing the creativity ranging from the management majors to the engineers and from charcoal to sculptures. Moseying among the art is a breath of fresh air after dealing with all of the "this is how and why the world works" material we muddle through on a daily basis. Before coming to the Academy, I was definitely a little bit nervous that I would not have time to enjoy my creative outlet of painting. The thought, "a military academy will squash my creativity like a fly being swatted by a flyswatter," did cross my mind. However, that was a vast misconception. The Academy contains many diverse options for cadets who enjoy the arts. There are many programs for those musically inclined, as well as events such as the Art Show and the Talent Show where cadets can demonstrate entertaining and sometimes every abstract talent. There are many options for cadets to fully embrace the right side of their noggins.

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