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cadet blogs

November 19, 2009

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 Kathryn Peek The legs are feeling good as I just finished a nice brisk run with a fellow cross-country buddy. The weather here at the moment is beautiful. There is a slight breeze and the air is crisp, perfect for long runs. To top it off I love running when the sun is setting, and now I don’t even have to wait till 7 or 8 to do my sunset runs as the sun is down at 4:30. The trees are bare, and the crunching of the leaves as we ran the trails behind Conn College was a calming and very satisfying sound. My friend and I both do all three running sports seasons (cross-country, indoor track, and outdoor track) and right now we are in the transition period between cross-country and indoor track. Coach had us take this week to ourselves to do some relaxing runs, decompress from cross-country, and get ready to start track season fresh. I am extremely optimistic about the upcoming track season as I love the team and I am looking forward to see new faces.

The coaching staff is absolutely wonderful as well. All the coaches, whether they be the distance, mid-distance, sprinting, jumping, or throwing coaches, are all amazing. They really do care to see us achieve the highest level of success as runners, and more importantly as decent human beings. The amount of time that they invest in us, whether we are beginners or seasoned athletes is extremely gracious. They don’t cut, and as long as you put in the time and the heart into all of the practices, they will work with you in whatever you want to do. I even got to try sprinting for the first time last winter season. I’m pretty sure that if any other college you were to tell a coach that you have been a distance runner all your life but you want to try sprinting, they will raise an eyebrow, chuckle, and walk away. However, the response that I got from my sprinting coach was a “let’s see what we can do,” and a smile. I am getting antsy to start practices.

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