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 Katie Priesing It is the middle of October. After taking a look out the window it is obvious that it is autumn in New England. This is the Academy’s prettiest time of year. The color of the leaves changing reflects on the Thames River, and it’s a beautiful site I get to see every day when I go to crew practice. Sometimes I just need to appreciate those kinds of things…

Classes are hard! I mean really, really hard! It is funny because I remember everyone telling me that a Marine Environmental Science major’s hardest year is 3/c year, but I beg to differ. This semester has been full of group projects, presentations, and the like. Not a week has gone by that I didn’t have some major part of my grade due in at least one of my classes. Most weeks it’s been for multiple classes! I suppose that’s what I should expect, but I am still amazed. Although the workload may be insane, it is nice to look back each week and see everything that I did finish. Sometimes in the middle of the week it feels like I’ll never get through all the assignments, but by the end of the week I realize I did. It comes with a nice sense of accomplishment. Hopefully I’ll feel the same way by the end of the semester!

I think next week the whole corps is going to dress up and go trick-or-treating at the Admiral’s house. That’s always a good time. I can’t wait until the 31st. Happy Halloween!

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