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Almost Halfway

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 Katie Priesing What a busy few weeks! I think all the teachers cram everything into the week or two before spring break. I don’t think words can describe how excited I am for March 7th to come. I’m heading home to North Carolina for this year’s spring break, and I’ll get to see all my sisters! One of them is moving to Texas that week, and this summer another sister is moving to Arizona. I should probably look into a frequent-flyer rewards program…

Two weeks ago we had a snow day (which was awesome) and last week we had President’s Day off. That’s two weeks in a row of only four days of classes! Don’t worry though; we’re still getting all the topics covered for each class at warp speed. Within the next week and a half, I have two papers and a lab write-up due, a lab for another class and three tests to conquer! And crew started yesterday, and the team is hitting the ground running. Our coach isn’t wasting any time getting us up to 34 strokes per minute with 500 meter split times as low as physically possible. I suppose it’s good to be busy…it keeps me busy enough so I don’t count the minutes to spring break, but not enough to become overwhelming. As Joe Dirt says, “Keep on keeping on!” Haha!

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