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Approaching the Final Stretch

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Ronaqua Russell Two more full weeks of classes before finals come rolling around. As I sit at my computer listening to some calming jazz, I feel this semester went by relatively fast. There were times in the day that felt like went on forever, but that can be expected when you are sitting in one class for a little under 3 hours. However, overall I look back and wonder where the weeks went. In a few short months the class of 2014 will be here and I will be cadre.

Sometimes it seems surreal that I have been here for almost two years. It seems like just yesterday I was a 4/c squaring corners and sounding off clocks, but now I will be on the opposite end of the spectrum training the new class. I am excited for the upcoming experience as cadre as well as Cadet Aviation Training Program (CATP). All my life I have wanted to fly, and so CATP and the chance at flying has consumed my thoughts lately as well as other aspects of the summer. However, before I can enjoy the summer,I have to get through the semester. These next couple of weeks will be filled with tests, assignments, presentations, and more tests! However, these last few weekends are also filled with fun events like morale paintball, a trip to Rhode Island to eat good food from around the world, and a trip down to Virginia with the Glee Club. As long as I balance fun with work, I can make it through the semester to enjoy my Cadre Summer!!

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