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This Hurdle

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 Katie Schumacher April 5, 2009

Probably, possibly the best and worst weekend of my life. Usually, I look forward to the weekend, but this weekend was one many fourth class did not look forward to. Instead of waiting until Sunday night to buckle down, do homework, and prepare for the next week, most fourth class studied for Sunday night boards all weekend. The fourth class takes “boards,” which is an oral test in front of upper class to demonstrate their knowledge about aspects of the Coast Guard learned throughout the course of the year. It signifies that we are ready to move up to third class. But with all of the school work, it was difficult to get an early start and with other homework and sports this weekend, schedules were packed. It was funny to see that all the fourth class who came down to watch the track meet on Saturday also had the forty-eight pages of study material in hand.

I did go on liberty Saturday night after the track meet with my ex-roommate and we bought baskets, candy, and various other things for Easter. It was de-stressing, but information continued to run through our heads like “What does the Oscar flag look like and what does it mean?” Today, I did not really “relax” either, but I did sit outside on a bench to study for part of an hour. It was beautiful!

Even with all of the stress and emotions, the work and the late nights, the weekend was amazing because of everything we accomplished. Softball is slaughtering their competition with the help of some excellent fourth class and our track team did well on Saturday despite the WINDY and slightly chilly weather. I ran the 5K, which is currently my favorite event and going around one of the turns, the wind pushed back on me so hard I thought that I might as well stop because I was not getting anywhere. But the effort paid off and with the helpful cheers, I dropped thirty seconds. And then, tonight I passed boards. Sitting in the wardroom, waiting to go to a room with a first and two second class in it and take my board, was probably the most stressful experience of my life. Not all of Golf passed, but we did have the highest pass percent rate of all the companies! Now we just need to help everyone else pass and hopefully by the end of this week, all fourth class will have conquered this hurdle.

Only four weeks until summer.

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