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The (Un) Academy Experience

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Nathan White Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but the spring semester has been crazy. School has involved too many lab reports, projects, and papers to name! Let me tell you, do not expect an easy junior year if you come here. But, to be honest, I have also been involved in some other stuff which has kept me busy. This includes some stuff which may not technically be scholastics…… OK, well MOST of it has been other stuff, but it still keeps me busy!

The first thing I have done that has kept me busy is planning my summer, which I really can’t complain about. I am going to Alaska for an internship for five weeks, followed by a six-week stay on the Oak, a 225’ buoy tender out of Charleston, South Carolina! It was my first choice for summer assignment, and I am thrilled. Since Charleston is close to my home, I also am in the process of buying my new car (a Toyota Tundra) so I can use it all summer. And I know a Tundra might not be the best car for gas mileage, but I am sorry, it is just too sweet to pass up. Overall, this summer is not a bad deal, considering most of my friends are currently jobless.

The other things that have been occupying my time are significantly less involved in Coast Guard activities. These have been two main events: spring break and my 21st birthday! For my 21st, about 15 other cadets and I headed to Boston for the weekend and proceeded to celebrate my birthday along with the birthdays of two other cadets. Everyone stayed out of trouble, and we returned to the Academy safe and in one piece, which was an accomplishment/miracle. For spring break this year, my girlfriend and I, along with 10 other cadets, went to Florida on a seven-day cruise! It was awesome, and just a little different than eating and living on a Coast Guard cutter. Having 24/7 room service, pools, and meals/desserts provided led to some weight gain, but hey, football season is coming up anyway.

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