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The End of Football, the Start of the Off-Season

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Nathan White This past week, the football team finished our last game of the year, a wild 63 – 47 loss to Maine Maritime, including eight 4th quarter touchdowns and 1,217 total yards of offense. After a game like this, and after a season like this, we were tired, bruised, and exhausted. Each player had given their all, and the seniors were ready to hang their helmets for the last time. After the game, Coach George told us how proud he was, and we all met as a defensive line for one last time. These are all of the players I have sweated next to lifting in the off-season, running sprints after practice, and in the middle of the most intense game. Each of the seniors said something, a little about much they will miss the game, but mostly about how much they will miss the players that make up the team. It was one of the saddest moments I have had in my 10 years of organized football, but I also know that I will see these teammates go on to graduate and do great things in the fleet. Also, as much as they will be missed, whenever they go back on Academy grounds they will be one of us again. They will always be my teammates, and a year from now when I am a senior I will be able to say the same about those who continue to play Coast Guard Academy football.

Now that I am done with football, I mostly plan on playing Inter-Company sports, such as basketball and soccer, for my other sports credit. IC sports are nice in comparison to football, because they are less of a commitment and more relaxed. It is also nice to hang out with my friends at 1600 and experience some friendly competition. Of course, now that football season is over, the unofficial “lifting season” has begun. Players are already making their weightlifting plans for the off-season, and we are planning on coming back bigger, stronger, and faster next year. Merchant Marine is our first game of the 2011 season, and we will be ready to beat them (for the second straight year).

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