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Hong Kong Babiee

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Bohdon Wowtschuk Hello Shipmates! For those of you who have become regular readers of my blog page, you may recall that in my last blog entry I discussed an interview for a summer internship. At the time I wrote that blog I had serious reservations with regard to my performance. Well, it turns out I actually had an awesome interview. I was selected for an internship in Hong Kong this summer (my second overall choice), reinforcing my belief, once again, that I’m the man.

Pending my application to the program itself, which is not affiliated with the Coast Guard Academy, I will be spending my July in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong I will be staying at the prestigious Hong Kong University. I will take classes in political economy and advanced America studies (I don’t even know what that means!), I will interact with some of the brightest minds of my generation, and I will provide them the opportunity to interact with me.

The point of this internship is strictly to develop my professional and academic aptitude, and ipso facto, my aptitude as a future Coast Guard officer. I do think, however, that I will be able to have some fun without compromising my professional development. I have been messaging the former Miss Teen Idaho runner-up over the past week. She is currently in Hong Kong on a foreign exchange program, and she tells me that it is awesome there and I will love it. She is going to give me a list of restaurants and fun places to visit while I’m there, this way I don’t have to buy a Frommer’s. She loves it there so much, she has decided to transfer to HKU. She also said that she may be in Hong Kong in July, and that we should, get together, but I think she meant to say, “study.” Either way, I’m sure I’ll have a swell time with her.

Fun fact: I have my own theme song called, “The Bohdon Wowtschuk Song.”

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