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cadet blogs

Busy Weekends at the Academy

(Academics, Just for Fun, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Miller Photo I thought after fourth-class year my life at the Academy would get a lot easier. And it sort of has if you look at all the fourth-class obligations that I no longer have to do, like taking out trash, squaring, and doing clocks. But even though it’s gotten easier, my life here hasn’t gotten less busy by any means. Between crew, clubs, military obligations, and school, I’m constantly swamped with one thing or another. On the plus side, there’s never a dull moment and because of all the activities I’m involved with there is always something to do on weekends.


By this, I mean homework.


Of course, there’s also football games—we had our annual game at MMA last weekend. The high point of the football game was probably watching the fourth class from both schools charge onto the football field while the actual game was going on. Definitely not something you see at other schools!


And there is actually more than homework to do at the Academy. But a few weeks ago, New London hosted an indie music festival that a few of my friends and I went to. The act that we saw was actually surprisingly good, and some of my friends were exposed to a new kind of music. This upcoming weekend is Parent’s Weekend, which means that there will be a football game to go to with my parents, and also means that my parents will be able to drive me to places other than New London so I’ll be able to see a little more than usual.


Academically, this semester is shaping up to be a challenging one, especially since I’m overloading on courses. But between crew and clubs, I’m able to rewind a little bit every day.


If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at!


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Finals: The Missing April Submission

(Academics, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Zwenger Photo So I’m writing this one a bit late but the past week of finals was pretty harsh. Speaking of which, I had five finals this year, and although it was a really rough finals week I don’t think they could have gone any better. I started off really strong with the first three and after that my motivation dropped significantly to where I only ended up studying about three or four hours for each one where I probably should have studied a bit more. Nevertheless, I still ended up doing pretty well on all of them. The past month of school in general was pretty tough. All my classes seem to wait until the last minute to have these very large and time demanding projects, papers, and homework assigned. Even with this being the hardest semester I’ve been here for I may end up with goal GPA of 3.0 so job well done to me. Next semester, although I don’t even want to start thinking about school right now, should be a lot more interesting as I get into more major specific classes and not just the general engineering classes.


Summer is finally beginning as we start our different programs. I can’t really comment on those as of right now but in future posts I’ll be sure to talk about them. Two things left, if you’re going to AIM this summer, you may be seeing me soon. Also, I keep noticing more and more people either getting kicked out or voluntarily leaving our class, so it’s a little sad because some are my good friends. Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at



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Cadet for a Day Experience

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Stowes Photo For the prospective cadets out there, good luck with your application process! I hope the advice I gave in my last blog about the application process has been helpful. At this time, I’d like to advocate for a program I believe is the best way to see if you’ll like the Coast Guard Academy, it is called Cadet for a Day. This program offers you the opportunity to come to the Academy, meet an academic advisor in person, and spend a Thursday afternoon/night and Friday morning with a cadet.


So far this year, I have hosted two prospective cadets. During their visits, they got to go to my golf lesson, Leadership and Organizational Behavior class, and Physics class. Additionally, I was able to get them both to practice for the sport they want to play here at the Academy so they could meet the coaches and the cadets on the team. Both students thoroughly enjoyed their experience. During their visit, they were able to see what cadet life is like first-hand and get a sense of what we do here every day. If your still wondering if the Coast Guard Academy is right for you, sign up for the Cadet for a Day program on the website and come check out the Academy first hand!


During my Cadet for a Day experience, I got the feeling that I fit in. The camaraderie was great, and all of the cadets were really nice to me. I got a chance to practice with the rugby team, and I fit in well with them, too. I felt like the Academy was the best fit for me after my visit. I hadn’t been accepted yet, but visiting before I even submitted my application gave me the opportunity to write about my visit in my essays. I definitely recommend visiting the Academy if you’re not quite sure yet.


If you have any question about the Cadet for a Day program, or the application, please feel free to email me at . Good luck with those applications!



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