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cadet blogs

The Grind

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Frost Photo A month ago I was home on leave, enjoying the Florida sun with no obligations. Boy, what a difference a month makes. Today, I look outside my window to the drizzling, grey New England sky and can only dream of going home in just over two months. I think every time I come back to school it’s exciting to see everyone for two maybe three days, and then the routine sets in. It’s good; I like routines. I know what’s expected that way. But, personally I like to be able to remember to breathe... Some days I’m not so sure that fits in here. I think as cadets we all get into our routine and things just keep squeezing their way into any little hole of free time they can find. I suppose this is why I am here, because I like a challenge and I like being around other people who also like that. Or, maybe, I just signed that line thinking in four years I will be flying helicopters in Florida or busting drug runners in the Caribbean. Regardless, here I am currently just trying to remember to breathe.


It is so obvious that you can’t get through the Academy alone. I’ve known that. My friends are always there for me, as I am for them. Regardless it’s still stressful, and it only gets more so over the years. I never imagined the difference between the19-20 credit hours I had last year and the 23 I’m taking this year. It’s easy to get buried with work and let it pile up; actually it’s nearly impossible for there not to be a pile. Nevertheless, every day always ends, the work eventually gets done, and the routine goes on. One of the easiest things at this institution is getting bogged down by the present. But the second easiest thing is getting support from the Academy family. That’s what sets us apart from other colleges.


We all have bad days; we all get stressed out and overtired from work. The common struggles we share help us get through it together, because after 200 weeks we are going to walk across the stage. Our dreams will be reality, and we will only be there because of the people next to us. And that is why we do what we do. That is why for four years we work harder than any other college student, with schedules ten times fuller than civilian college students can conceive. So, yes this month has been challenging and full of a never ending to-do list, but as time continues we get closer to the goal. We will get through it, together, and that makes us stronger.


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September Slipping Away

(Academics, Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Driscoll Photo A brief note for everyone before I dive into all my homework:


School is quickly ramping up. I really enjoy most of my classes this semester. Sometimes, I get lost in Principles of Electronic Communications Systems—after all, when I graduate, I will only need to know how to change channels and encrypt data, right? The joking notwithstanding, it is an important class, but I get lost easily in all the calculations of bandwidth and frequency. My favorite class this semester has to be my most challenging (naturally!). I take the National Security Law seminar each week with Captain Sulmasy, a nationally recognized expert in this field of law. It’s an interesting blend of international and constitutional law. Each week, I am astounded by the complexities of the laws governing conflict, humanitarian intervention, and the treatment of terrorists. I’m not sure what my term paper will discuss yet, but I have to figure it out by next Monday! The papers, exams, and presentations just seem to be rolling in this week. On the other end of the spectrum, I look forward each week to my Nautical Science lab. We are FINALLY starting to apply the basics of charting, relative motion, and communication to scenarios we role-play in communications drills and simulations. That’s about as hands-on as it can get…


On the military side of the house, Chase Hall is busier than ever. Or maybe I’m just swamped? I’m in Echo Company’s Morale Division this year, and we’ve been busy getting adjusted to the beginning of the school year. We go to Dunkin Donuts for the company each Wednesday and Friday, on top of everything else we do. Sometimes, it feels like anything that is REMOTELY related to morale is given to us for action. At least my 3/c and 4/c are picking up a lot of the slack. Shout out to them: 3/c Jaime Davis and 4/c Elliot VanDeren! Speaking of them, they are organizing yet another Dunkin run for tomorrow morning—and I’d better get some sleep!


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