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cadet blogs

School Has Been a Blur

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Duplessis Photo It feels like we just got back, yet I’ve already been here for more than a month. Of course it’s busy as usual with soccer and school, however there is a lot less stress this year since I don’t have to worry about 4/c duties. It’s nice to be able to help my own 4/c and those on the soccer team and in my company since I was in their position a few months ago.


One of the highlights of school for me this year was attending the MMA (Kings Point) games here at the Academy. Because of my soccer schedule last year, I had to miss my school’s football, men’s soccer, and volleyball team play our rivals from the Merchant Marine Academy. The games are all really competitive, and it was awesome to cheer on each team as well as compete with the cheering section from KP. One 4/c in my company actually climbed onto the KP boat from the water, which they moor next to our dock every year, and stole their flag! It got pretty intense after that! We ended up winning the volleyball and soccer games (with the men’s soccer team winning for the first time in more than ten years), and the football game was close until the final whistle.


The weather is just now starting to turn into Fall weather, and so far it’s been great seeing my friends and hearing about their summers. School is busy, but so far it’s been good to be back.


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Run Baby Run

(Athletics, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Wu Photo As the new academic year starts so does my cross country season. I loved running since my freshmen year in high school and this year I am looking forward to this new cross country season. This season will definitely be a challenge because of many factors of underpreparing for this season. I am coming into this season lacking the conditioning I got over Swab Summer and also an injury last spring. It is a lot harder to work back to the shape I was previously in, but I know what I am capable of and I am determined to slowly get back into shape and have a fun cross country season. I am excited to work hard and see where that leads me this season after this weekend’s meet.


The women’s cross country team had their first meet yesterday and we were able to place 3rd overall as a team! It was not the best race for any of us really, but it was not bad either. It was a solid race to start the season off with and I know I can only improve from here!


“Lace up your shoes, ay oh ay oh, Here’s how we do, RUN BABY RUN!”


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