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cadet blogs

I Love What I Do

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Johnson Photo This summer started off with 100th week, after which I became a 2/c cadet and then I moved on toward many adventures. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown in just a few months…more than in any school semester at the Academy. From learning how to give commands and drive a small boat to conning the USCGC Barque Eagle as she sailed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so that the Class of 2019 could develop a love for the sea and its lore, our class has come a long way. Hopefully, the love they develop is as much of the love for Eagle as I have.


Of all the groovy things I got to do this summer, which I definitely wouldn’t have done anywhere else, my favorite was being Eagle cadre for three weeks. I went through the beginning of my summer wondering if I was truly ready to lead people especially on a sailing vessel where, if everyone is not doing their part, someone could easily lose a part. You know what though? Everything turned out the exact opposite of what I expected. My personal relationships are much stronger than they were before 100th week. My self-trust and confidence had a great boost by leading, teaching, and mentoring others and I found that that’s where my purpose in life lies; to help and mentor other people. Now I need to take my life struggles by the horns and allow myself to shine as bright as I can. When I do, people notice. For example, third week into being cadre, Eagle had the honor of hosting cadets from Japan on board. One night on the mess deck, where we eat, my best friend and I were talking to a few of the Japanese cadets and one said, “Angela, you are the happiest person on board. Why is that?” I didn’t even have to answer. My best friend at the Academy answered, “She loves what she does.” I couldn’t say it any better. I have to love what I do and love myself for what I do in order to have everything right in my world. I can’t go wrong with that and it proved itself over again at different times during the summer, especially on Eagle and even now as I write this on the first day of classes. This past summer was the best experience of my life and I will never forget it.


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There’s More to New London Than the Academy??!

(Just for Fun, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Kimura Photo The school year could not have come any faster. I swear I was packing up my room’s contents into my trunk only yesterday, but that happened over three months ago. Although it can feel like I never left Chase Hall, I definitely am not the 4/c (freshman) that left for summer training. After being back at the Academy for a couple weeks, the experience on the faces and in the actions of my shipmates (and mine) shows. With the extensive time put in over the summer on Eagle and at stations, I appreciate the new sense of free time as a 3/c. This gives me the leisure to seek opportunities that I enjoy.


The other weekend, I finally got a glimpse of the sights, food, and activities around the New London area. First, I discovered that Rhode Island, only about 30 minutes away, has amazing beaches; one of which Taylor Swift has a beach house on. Second, there are various campsites around; 20 minutes south is Rocky Neck Park. Third, I love fruit and came upon a website that lists the local fruit that is in season, as well as the farms growing them. I actually got to “pick my own” blueberries, which tasted quite scrumptious. Also, I took advantage of 3/c rec gear by biking to Panera with a friend. It took the same amount of time as the Libo bus, but seeing the neighborhoods and enjoying the fresh air felt much more satisfying. I look forward to doing more exploring outside the Academy, especially since I should get familiar with the area since I’ll be here for another three years.


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