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cadet blogs

A Look Back at January

(Athletics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Williamson Photo Second semester just started up and we are all back into academics. As much as I love going to class every day, I am going to miss being home. Christmas break was our first long break from the Academy and my time at home was amazing. Although it felt strange to have nothing at all to do over break, I needed the relaxation.


During this upcoming summer, I will get to function in the operational Coast Guard and get real experience on a cutter and, of course, on the CGC Eagle. I am hoping to get assigned to the CGC Healy, which is a 420-foot icebreaker that goes up into the Arctic to break ice and conduct research. While it may not be as thrilling as chasing down drug smugglers in Florida, I am excited to be exposed to icebreaking operations, which is unique in the fact that this is a classic Coast Guard job helping out the American people by keeping shipping lanes and ports open. In addition, I will be exposed to science and the beauty of the far north. It should be a great time!


I decided to join track and field, and I am getting my butt kicked. Apparently sitting on the couch and eating Christmas candy is not the way to get in shape for track.


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