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cadet blogs

Wrapping Up the Summer

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link
Townsend Photo I just completed my last summer as a cadet, and it was one of the best summers I have ever had during my time here. I did so many things that before joining the Coast Guard I never would have thought I would have the opportunity to do. I started my summer out in Marina Del Rey, California where I learned a lot about the Coast Guard and the different missions that we accomplish. The crew of the CGC Halibut helped me broaden my knowledge of the Coast Guard and discover what I want to do in the future as an officer. While on the Halibut I got to have many different experiences such as helping with drug busts and standing watch while in port. It was an amazing chance to see what happens in the fleet everyday.


After leaving the Halibut, I boarded the CGC Eagle. Eagle is the Coast Guard’s training vessel that all 3/c cadets go on to learn about seamanship and life on the water. As a 1/c cadet aboard Eagle, I was given the Ensign experience where I had the opportunity to lead a division, obtain qualifications, and work on extra projects that were assigned to me. I never had a moment to spare, and my classmates and I were always diligently working to make sure that by the end of the summer we were successful in all of the jobs we were given. We did have a few days during three different port calls where we could take some time off and relax. We first pulled into Bermuda, where the sand was pink and the sun was always shining. Bermuda is a beautiful island and it was a once in lifetime opportunity to visit. After we left Bermuda we travelled to Saint Pierre, France, a small island territory of France. While there we celebrated Bastille Day, which was amazing to see another country celebrate their independence and to participate in the festivities. Our last stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia where we visited the Halifax Citadel and walked around the city looking at all of the history that it had.


This summer has been amazing and I now have three weeks to relax and spend time with my family before I return to the Academy for my final year before I am commissioned as an officer in the Coast Guard. Time has flown by while I have been at the Academy, and this year I plan to make the most of all of the time that I have left.



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The Taylor Family

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Wright Photo As the swabs come in, I can’t help but remember how just a year ago I was going through all the same motions. One of the experiences that sticks out to me the most, or rather the most enjoyable experience I remember from my Swab Summer was meeting my sponsor family. The whole idea was so exciting, I signed up for a family who liked doing outdoor things and one preferably with younger kids. Coming from a family being the oldest, the idea of being able to hang out with younger kids every once and awhile really appealed to me. We all got ready on the evening of July 19th, if I remember correctly, and marched down to Leamy to meet these new people who knew little to nothing about us yet were willing to invite us into their homes as their sponsor children. My sponsor family was the Taylor family. I meet Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Ryan, and Sophie. I learned Mr. Taylor is a professor at the Academy (one that I will possibly have this upcoming year!), Ryan and Sophie are little balls of energy just like my little brothers at home, and Mrs. Taylor is the most welcoming sponsor mom ever. We got to know each other in Leamy for a few hours and Sophie decided to start making a tower of water bottles that soon had the whole ballroom’s attention. Jokingly, Mrs. Taylor rocked the table and it all came crashing down. As expected, Sophie didn’t find this too funny, but it gave me hope that this family would be a lot of fun.


We exchanged information and told them I would see them as the school year revved up. Since then I have gone over to my their house numerous times and Mr. Taylor is right here at the Academy if I ever need help with anything. The Sponsor Family Program helped me get through 4/c year and I’m sure they will help me get through the rest of my time here at the Academy. This past summer added two sponsor cadets to the family and I can’t wait to meet them. I look forward to spending time with them at the Taylor’s in the near future.



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