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3/c Summer and the Benefit of Summer School

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Fruhwirth Photo It is crazy to think, as I sit here writing this, that I am now a 3/c and beginning my second year at the Academy! Spring semester flew by and before I knew it I was boarding Eagle and setting off on a five-week adventure. Very quickly my classmates and I acclimated to underway life, getting into the routine of standing duty and getting qualified in things such and Helm and Lookout as well as Auxiliary/Engineering. It was a wonderful learning experience, especially being able to interact with enlisted personnel and officers alike. The port calls weren’t too bad either: Key West, Florida; Nassau, Bahamas; Norfolk, Virginia; and Staten Island, New York!


After I departed Eagle, I returned to the Academy for the six-week long summer school program allowing me to take Calculus II and Organizational Behavior and Leadership (OBL). I was placed in Foundations for Calculus first semester of 4/c year, then Calculus I second semester. The reason I am in summer school is due to my major; I am a technical major (Marine and Environmental Sciences) and must have Calculus II completed before my 3/c academic year begins. So here I am! An added bonus — taking OBL will actually give me a free period next semester, which will definitely help me out academically.


It is absolutely unreal to see parts of Swab Summer unfold and not being a swab this time! It’s so cool to see my mentors take on the role as cadre, while also seeing a new class that will take our place as lowest on the totem pole—it is a very exciting time here at the Academy! Amazing how fast this year has gone by!


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