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cadet blogs

Practicing Seamanship in the Caribbean

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Sandri Photo It is almost the end of April, and that means 3/c summer is just around the corner! For our second Academy summer, we spend half of the program (about five weeks) aboard the cutter Eagle and the other half at either a Coast Guard small boat station or cutter. I am on Phase I of Eagle, which means 2/3 of the Class of 2017 and I will be practicing seamanship in the Caribbean. Later, I will head to Station Golden Gate in Sausalito, California. During this portion of the summer, the 3/c cadets act as enlisted service members, eat in the chief’s mess instead of the wardroom, and help with basic tasks such as removing chipping paint. Through serving with the enlisted crew, we can experience the fleet from the point of view of those we will be leading in the future. Everyone is feeling pretty excited. I’m going to miss my friends not on Phase I, but Eagle will be making port calls in the Caribbean, so there will be opportunities to keep in contact with them, and of course explore places like Aruba, Cozumel and San Juan! My parents are trying to meet me in Aruba, so I will route a special request to stay overnight with them instead of on the ship.


In other news, we have full carry-on, which is terrific. After marching to class, squaring and bracing up for a year, I have such a great appreciation for “little” things, like being able to walk around Chase Hall and talk to my friends.



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Saving the Planet, One Can at a Time

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Roesch Photo As the semester comes to a close, I realized I have not written an entry in a while. I have been so busy with tying up loose ends in classes and getting ready for my summer, I forgot to write about it! One of the more exciting items on my to-do list was going to Washington, D.C. on Earth Day to receive an award on behalf of the Sustainability Club. Pretty cool, huh? It was a blast, and I felt pretty legit traveling to the nation’s capitol on official orders.


The award was for winning a recycling competition. Basically, the CGA recycled the most aluminum cans per capita out of all the other service academies and in return won $3,500! Another 3/c and I were lucky enough to be asked to go and accept the award for all of our efforts we put into the competition. There was a special presentation at the Pentagon which was awesome – I’ve never been in the Pentagon and it felt pretty official getting escorted around to receive an award!


It was a great experience and I’m glad that all the hard work put into this competition paid off. Environmental awareness is something I am extremely passionate about, and being able to have this outlet at the Academy is just another way for me to have fun and be me! As I’ve said a million times before, finding your niche here and making time for the things you love is imperative to being successful and happy.


On a different note, this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending 2015’s Ring Dance with one of my 2/c friends. It was a great night – everyone was so happy! All of the second class’ excitement was tangible as they donned their class rings; just one step closer to graduation! It made me excited for my own Ring Dance and look forward to 2/c year in general. I’m so ready to have that second diagonal stripe on my shoulder boards…!


So overall, life is great and I couldn’t be happier. Classes are over and I’m ready to take on the summer as a cadre. There are so many things I am looking forward to; however, I am most excited to get my civilian clothing privilege…it’s the little things in life!


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