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cadet blogs

Time of Transition

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Auzenbergs Photo Halfway done with the second semester of 4/c year and the next few months are a whirlwind of transition. First off, Billet Night was on March 5th for the 1/c cadets, which is when they each learn where they will be stationed for their first assignment as an ensign. The 2/c are waiting to hear where they will spend their summer out in the fleet, and preparing to take over the position as most senior cadets at the Academy. The 3/c are training to become cadre for this upcoming Swab Summer, and us 4/c are also waiting to hear where we will be assigned this summer, whether it be a station or a cutter, and which phase Eagle we will be on! Personally, getting fitted for our new liberty attire (“Rec Gear” as opposed to the Service Dress Blue uniform that we have to wear now) was one of the more exciting events of the past few weeks; we will soon be able to wear civvies while off-base like the upper-class!


Many 4/c are passing Boards, or the 10-question oral exam on all of the Coast Guard indoc that we have been studying since Swab Summer, which means that we are also one step closer to earning carry-on! Once the entire Class of 2018 passes Boards, we will have the opportunity to earn carry-on, which means we won’t have to square our food in the wardroom, we will be able to talk to classmates in the hallways, and can look around while we transit throughout Chase Hall. I am excited for all the upcoming privileges, and of course, spring break! Looking back, it has been a long journey, but with only one quarter left of 4/c year, I cannot believe how quickly time flies.


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