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cadet blogs

Breaking Out… For a Week

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Rossi Photo Spring break is the most anticipated time of the secondsemester here at the Academy for reasons beyond just getting to escape the frigid New England weather. Held on the Thursday before spring break is Billet Night, which is when all the 1/c find out where they will be spending their first two years in the fleet. The selection process is based on class ranking, so those who are at the top of the class with get their top choices. This year it seemed that everyone got something that they were happy with. For us underclass, in particular the third class, it is nice to see your cadre get their assignments. The Class of 2013 was responsible for training us and ensuring we were ready to be part of the corps. Seeing the cadets who made this possible get something they wanted was awesome because you want to see the people that helped you succeed be rewarded.


As far as spring break goes, I spent my time split between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New Jersey. The first half spent in Florida was great for me to get out in the sun and enjoy some summer weather. When I headed back north I spent my time at my uncle’s and visited my house, which is still in the process of being rebuilt. The time I spent with my family allowed me to relax and recharge to get ready to finish the second of the semester strong.


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Coasties and Girl Scout Cookies

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Kukich Photo Before signing a Coast Guard contract I signed a slightly less complicated document to become a lifetime member of Girl Scouts. I registered without much thought, my leader suggested we use the last of the troop funds toward the fee and with all of the distractions of graduation and Swab Summer, I let scouting slip out of my mind.


During the fall at the Academy, however, I found that I missed the camping, outreach service projects, and selling cookies. As childish as it sounds, I missed being part of scouts; though I have friends from the troop my own age, they are too far away to catch up with at Tufts, St. Mary's in Maryland, among other places. So I contacted the local service unit and found a junior high aged group in my hometown, ironically with familial connections to the Academy. Since meeting the girls in the fall, I have been able to meet up with them for meetings, a trip to the ballet, and most recently for work on their Silver Award project. There is definitely satisfaction in returning to scouting because it reminds me of my own great experiences, whereas other community service opportunities arranged by the Academy may not have the same connections.


In addition to helping a troop on my own time, a few classmates and I have begun the process of reviving the Scouting Association. Originally created so cadets could pair up with Boy Scout packs in the area, we have modified the charter to promote collaboration with girls and boys of any age in the region. Our recent meetings have led to planning a weekend excusal for members of the club to organize projects with local scouts and potential mentorship of girls in the area working on their Gold Awards, the equivalent of Eagle in Boy Scouting.


I am thrilled that these recent developments have helped to close the distance between my civilian and military life and am confident scouting will continue to be part of my life at the Academy. If you have any questions about scouting or cadet life at all, please feel free to contact me as always,


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