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cadet blogs

All Good Things Must Come To An End

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Cantrell Photo As they say, all good things must come to an end. For the cadets at the Academy it is spring break. Tomorrow starts the first day back and I am so not ready to snap back to reality. For spring break, I invited three of my friends to come home with me. We all flew home Saturday morning and headed to the beach. We were all pale due to the cold rainy Connecticut weather, but after eight days in the Florida sun we are all heading back tan! Over spring break we had a full house, which my mom absolutely loved. Fortunately, my brother had the same spring break and brought two friends home. It was a packed house for sure, but it made it that much more fun! Our days consisted of the beach, boat, kayaking, and waterskiing. It was definitely a well-deserved week of fun with friends and family.


We have officially started the second half of spring semester, which is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. We only have seven weeks of school left, but boards are in the very near future. I feel like there are so many obstacles to get through until 4/c are granted carry-on and we leave for our summer assignments, but I know I can get through all of them. You always have to look ahead and realize why you are here and what you must do to stay here. When I was home I got together with a few of my friends that go to universities and it is hard to hear them talk about their lives, but at the same time I think about my life after graduation and know that, in the end, the Academy is worth it. I would not want to be anywhere else but the Academy.


I know many prospective cadets have decided to be a part of the class of 2016 and if anyone has any questions about what to bring or anything about the summer I am more than happy to answer them for you. It will be a busy and stressful next couple of weeks, but I promise to get back to you soon! We will all leave in early May for our summer assignments so if you have questions I would recommend asking them before May so that you get a response. I hope everyone enjoys their spring break and is ready to make that final push to the summer!


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What a Spring Break!

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Krakower Photo Hello again everyone! We are slowly but surely coming into the home stretch of 4/c year, and I am excited! These last couple of days were Spring Break 2012, and what a great Spring Break! The lacrosse team left a day early to head on down to West Palm Beach, Florida to go to the Sailfish Shootout, where we played four games in only five days. Going up against big name teams like Palm Beach Atlantic, Emory, Elon and Grand Valley State, the latter ranked 12 and 3 respectively, we came out of the trip 2-2. We were able to spend one of the days to ourselves, going to the beach, playing golf, and just relaxing with the other lax bros. It was also a great chance to talk with the upper-class on the team, and establish connections there. Before I knew it, that was the end of the Shootout and I was whisked away to join the Idlers!


For those of you don’t know, the Idlers are the male A cappella group for the Coast Guard Academy. We went down to Florida as well, performing in Disney, Sebastian, West Palm Beach, and Stuart. We got to spend time in Disney, where funny enough the seniors of my former high school were having their Senior Trip, which was a nice surprise. We again got some beach time, and just had a great time overall. The trip ended with a 23-hour drive back to Connecticut from West Palm Beach, going through 11 states with only four of us driving. Eventually we were able to make it back, and thus ended Spring Break.


With our 4/c formal coming up Saturday, the Easter long weekend, as well as 4/c Boards and Challenge of the Guardsmen, these next few weeks are going to be rough and busy. But like everything else here, it will be dealt with one step at a time, and there will be some great results!


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Busy All the Time

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Shih Photo Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I have blogged but I had a decent amount of time this weekend, so I figured I would do one. I made it through last semester as Company Commander, and I am glad I was able to go through the experience. There were many times where I was stressed out, felt like I was making no difference, and buried in work. But last semester really opened my eyes about what it is to be a leader, and the sacrifices you must make for the people that you lead. I know my grades could have been better, I could have been in better shape, and could have had more free time if I had not been Company Commander. But I felt that I made a small difference in people’s lives and made their time here a little better, and that is a great feeling to have. It was a relief to be relieved earlier this semester, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Echo Company was named Honor Company of last semester at our change of command, and it was nice to have that feeling of accomplishment after those longs months.


There are now around ninety days until I graduate and I must say I have never had so many problems staying focused. It is very hard to stay motivated in classes, military obligations, and overall Academy life. I know this is close to the end, and I do not understand why it is so hard to finish strong. Our class rank that determines where we go after graduation has already been finalized, so grades and military performance don’t really determine my future anymore. I find out where I will being going for the next few years in about two and a half weeks, and after that I bet it will be nearly impossible to stay focused.


It’s funny, you would think that second semester senior year, and everything would be incredibly relaxed for the class about to graduate. The opposite is true. I feel like no matter how many times I think a semester is going to be easy, it never is. Granted this semester is not the hardest one I have ever had, but I still find myself busy all the time. Whether it be working with 30 people to organize our upcoming Regimental Boxing Open (you should come if you are in the area…24 Feb in Billard Hall), trying to make the juniors and sophomores become qualified Officers of the Day, or working out for three or four hours a day to get in shape for spring break, I am always crunched for time. I guess this is just the life of the Academy, and a Coast Guard Officer, you never have enough time. I will be honest, part of me really wants to leave this place and get on with my life. The other part of me however, realizes that only a few short months, all the great friends I have made here will be thousands of miles away. One thing is for sure, graduation is going to be bittersweet. This chapter of my life is slowly closing, and even though it will be tough, I am determined to finish strong, and make the most of the time I have at CGA.


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Spring Break!!

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Driscoll Photo Sunny weather, here I come! In only a few short days, I will be headed to central Florida for a fun-filled, crazy week with the crew team. I cannot wait—it’s going to be awesome.


Everyone here has mentally checked out already for spring break. Lots of people are going to crazy places like the Caribbean, Cabo San Lucas, or even home. Several teams are going to Florida as well. But until then, we have just three more days of school. Billet Night for the firsties is on Thursday. I really hope that all the firsties I know get the choice billets they want. Then, it’s off to party and celebrate. And for all the underclassmen, it’s SPRING BREAK!! Can you tell I’m excited?!


Yesterday was my first day out on the water for crew. With a whole new group of novs, our upcoming season will be so much fun. I get a new boat, as the other coxswains move up to “Candy” and our newest boat. I am really excited for the season. With all the changes on the team, I will have a new group of rowers in my boat. However, I will get to cox a four (four rowers and a cox) with the more experienced novs. With the new season fast approaching, the team did a 2K test the other day. Will Rimmler, the 1V cox, coxed me through my first one—and it sucked! I felt horrible; it was miserable. But I met my goal, so I can work to improve.


Well, I didn’t really have anything else to say, so I’ll try to write a (clean...ha, ha) version of what happened in Florida when we get back! Have a great Coast Guard day!


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