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Fingers Crossed

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Haerr Photo Hi, again!


It’s finally spring semester, though it doesn’t really look like spring for there is a LOT of snow on the ground! These past weeks have included many snow days due to the winter storm, Juno! I’ve never experienced such large amounts of fluffy snow in my life! In Texas, we usually get ice.


During some of our snow days, we got to go outside. We went sledding and had plenty of snow ball fights. Some of my shipmates even made huge tunnels on the football field! One of my good friends here is from Panama, and you can imagine her surprise with all the white on the ground—let’s just say she couldn’t stop making snow angels!


Other than all the bizarre weather, 4/c life at the Academy this semester has included much preparation for our Boards. This exam concludes life as a 4/c and when everyone in our entire class passes the verbal indoctrination exam, we finally get “carry on,” which means no more squaring and bracing up! Fingers crossed and plenty of prayers for the Class of 2018!


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