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cadet blogs

Snow Days on Snow Days

(Just for Fun, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Stowes Photo I hope you are staying warm, CGA blog readers. New London has been freezing cold and snowy for the last two weeks! Last week, base was closed for two straight days, which is almost unheard of. Then, we got another snow day this week!


Last week, the snow was so bad that for the first day, we weren’t allowed out of the barracks until midafternoon and that was only so we could go workout. For the morning, we were stuck inside. Luckily, since base was closed, we were able to sleep in, relax, and do work uninterrupted. On our second day off, we were able to go outside and play in the snow. I always enjoy the first big snowstorm because some the 4/c from the South have never seen snow before. It’s funny to watch them have snowball fights and build snowmen. Personally, I went out and enjoyed an awesome game of rugby in the snow or snugby for short. I was able to get a bunch of the rugby team together and we went down to the football field to play in about two feet of snow! It was really fun and tiring trying to run through all the snow. I had a great time overall, except the times I got tackled face first into the snow. That was cold!


This week, the snow day could not have come at a better time. I was away all weekend in Boston for a mock trial competition and when I returned the Super Bowl was on. I got back from Massachusetts just in time to watch my beloved Patriots win the game. Sorry Seahawks fans! What a game! Anyway, the snow day was great because I had all day to catch up on the work I didn’t do over the weekend. We were stuck inside the barracks again until the midafternoon, so it was nice to have free time to work at my own pace.


On a different note, while snow days are a great time to relax, it is important to keep the big picture in mind. Our senior leadership at the Academy has a tough decision to make every time there is a winter storm in the forecast. Our leaders have to be aware of the faculty, staff, and base employees that work here in addition to cadets. Their safety is very important, so I appreciate that they are considered when the decision to cancel school is made. Also, our leaders show that they care about us because they have to make sure we are fed and that there are personnel here to take care of us if someone has a medical emergency. Furthermore, it is difficult to cancel school because we have to cover a lot of material in our courses and snow days usually mean playing catch-up. With so many days off, we are all pushing hard to cover material.


Overall, I’m happy to have a snow day but I also appreciate that our leaders are so conscientious about the other people on base. It can be easy to forget the big picture.


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So Close to Freedom!

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Auzenbergs Photo I am currently sitting in the library looking at a soccer ball with a sharpie face drawn on it, wrapped in one of my extra bed sheets, wearing my issued nanook, and I must admit… it really does resemble a baby! My job this week was to take a regular soccer ball and pretend it was a baby that I should carry around with me to classes, meals and basically anytime I wasn’t in my room. I needed to make up random Coast Guard facts about it and introduce it to anyone who asked as “Bobby.”


Why, you ask!? Well, this upcoming Sunday is 100th day, or the day the 4/c must relive Swab Summer with our old cadre (now 2/c) for a few hours. Logically, that makes this Monday 101st day, better known as the day that the 4/c are supposed to switch roles with the 2/c, and watch them brace up, square around and greet us. We know that this will not happen as expected but in order to even earn the possibility of carry-on for a day, we as 4/c need to earn the 2/c shoulder boards! This can be accomplished by completing physically challenging, mentally challenging, or just plain embarrassing tasks. I have seen some 4/c doing pushups in the P-ways, riding around Chase Hall on broomsticks, performing spirit missions on the upper-class, and spouting off indoc facts to prepare for Boards at the end of this month. To me, my challenge falls in the embarrassing category and most of my fellow 4/c get a kick out of it at my expense… but it’s all in good fun.


Boards are the indoctrination test that all 4/c must take toward the end of the spring semester to earn carry-on for the entire class. This is a very exciting time but also extremely nerve-racking. No one wants to be that kid who can’t pass and holds the whole class back! Plus, when you pass as an individual or company, you slowly earn more privileges before full carry-on is granted. Studying the 64-page packet of facts about Coast Guard heroes, flags, cutters, aircraft, rates and ranks, and historic events won’t be fun, but every single 3/c, 2/c and 1/c cadet had to do it, so it’s definitely possible.


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January Snow and the Most Memorable Diving Meet

(Academics, Athletics, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Cantrell Photo The month of January was filled with snow! Really only the last week, but it was enough for a whole season. Every time I see the huge piles of snow I wish it could be sand. I guess it’s because I am a Florida girl at heart. We had a normal day of school on Monday, but by Monday afternoon the snow had started. It was beautiful to see the flakes falling down, but then it started sticking and it got scary to walk around base. It looked like I was learning how to walk because I was so scared I would slip on ice.


Storm Juno gave us two days off of school mid week, which was a great surprise. It was also the first time I’ve shoveled snow. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to shovel a long driveway, but shoveling out my car with my friend Carolyn was pretty fun. It also wasn’t as bad as I thought.


Other than this month bringing storm Juno, the schoolwork is in full swing. I had my first paper due this past week and have my first test in a couple of days. Quizzes and homework are regular tasks.


We also had our last home meet ever. It was against The Merchant Marine Academy, which is our biggest rival. It was an amazing meet and will be my most memorable meet of my diving career.


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