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cadet blogs

One More Long Semester

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Gurtler Photo Readers: I know that I have not been very up-to-date on my postings recently but I am going to do my best to make up for it this semester! Considering I had 21 credits last semester, was in season for basketball for the majority of it, and had numerous singing engagements along the East Coast, it really is a wonder I had an opportunity to breathe!


Nonetheless, after a much-deserved break, I flew in from Wisconsin on the 28th for basketball practice, moved into my new room today with a new roommate, and picked up my hefty stack of textbooks in preparation for a new semester. My course load appears to be just as jam-packed as the last, which is a little unsettling but I am confident I’ll make it through just fine.


Today there was a 3/c wide training on what we have to look forward to this semester in regard to preparing us for 2/c summer. I am very excited to begin learning the various leadership skills that all cadre need to have in order to be effective role models and teachers for the incoming swabs. Also, I am anxious to coordinate my schedule with the other opportunities that 2/c summer brings for cadets. For instance, we all are given the privilege to sail along New England on the new Leadership 44 vessels, honing our sailing skills and making stops along the way at the various ports such as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. There are other opportunities that we will have to experience such as spending a week at an air station and working a week with boarding officers, learning about maritime safety on vessels.


All of the options are very new and very exciting! I just have to keep reminding myself that I have to stay focused for one more long semester!


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Pressure Rising

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Stowes Photo If you could stop a fourth class in the passageway and ask them how much pressure they are feeling right now, the answer would be the same across the board, “a lot,” to be blunt.


At the moment, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the fourth class to perform. In addition to our day to day class workload, military obligations, and athletic obligations, we are studying for Boards. For those who are not familiar with Boards, it is an indoctrination test that all fourth class have to pass before third class year. The test is coming up on February 23, and we have a lot of information to memorize in preparation.


Boards covers a wide variety of Coast Guard knowledge, from Academy and Coast Guard history, to nautical flags and terminology, cutters and aircraft, and much, much more. We are expected to memorize every last detail in a 50+ page packet! In the end, it all comes down to ten questions, some with multiple parts. We must get eight correct to pass. Like I said, we are studying hard, and we even have weekly quizzes on particular sections of the material to make sure we’re studying.


Despite the pressure, we remain motivated to succeed, because the sooner we all pass Boards, the sooner we will receive privileges! It is a huge morale booster to know that in a month to a month and a half, we won’t have to be constantly braced up because once we all pass Boards, carry on will be granted! I’m excited. I’m not just excited to be done with Boards, though. I’m excited for the end of the school year, and the summer in the fleet to follow!


If you have any questions, or want to know more about Boards and the demands of fourth class year, please feel free to email me! 


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The Start of a New Semester

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Kloo Photo I am writing this from a train on the way to New York City for a weekend of liberty after the start to the semester. As always, you hate to leave your friends and family, and return to CGA but each semester offers new opportunities.


With a new semester comes new classes, which allow you to get further into your major and really focus on the topics you really enjoy. There is still a mixture of core and major-specific classes. Physics II and Probability and Statistics are both core classes, but those classes integrate nicely with many of the concepts in Physical and Analytical Chemistry.


Second semester of third class year is exciting. The big thing on everyone’s mind is which cadre section they will be a part of. The cadre are the ones who train the incoming Class of 2017, and each of the different sections: Swab Summer, waterfront, AIM, CGAS, or Eagle, and each group is responsible for a different component of training. In addition to cadre we have rules of the road training, pistol qualification, aviation training, and coastal sail training program, each of which offers a different component of development for us.


Crew is in full swing as always, and we are training hard for the Crash-B’s up in Boston. It has been a long winter on the erg and with weights but we are all looking forward to our spring break trip to Florida, where we can get out on the water and put down a ton of meters.


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Cadre Assignment Season

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Driscoll Photo So, what’s new in the wonderful world of CGA since I last wrote? (This would of course assume that I remember the last time I wrote…which I don’t remember. So…) The biggest thing these past two weeks has been cadre assignments for Swab Summer 2013. To all of you who are getting appointments to the Class of 2017 right now, please rest assured that the Great Class of 2015 is getting ready for you all to join the corps. Swab Summer will be a blast! (For us maybe…)


Anyway, our e-resumes (the request sheet for assignments) were due last week, and cadre selections have been going on throughout this week. Most of my classmates want to be Chase Hall cadre, either for the swabs, the AIMsters, or the CGAS cadet candidates. However, I want to be an Eagle cadre. I think that the idea of getting underway time, away from Chase Hall, where I can show the swabs exactly what “a liking for the sea and its lore” means, is pretty awesome. However, this is not a general consensus: some of my classmates will have to be "voluntold" to be Eagle cadre. Anyway, I can’t give away too many of the surprises about Swab Summer…you’ve got to experience it for yourself! If you have any questions, please never hesitate to email me at I promise I won’t bite until R-Day. Haha, just kidding!!! (Maybe?)


The weeks are flying by until Swab Summer arrives. I hope that everyone who has accepted an appointment, or is eagerly awaiting one in the mail, is as excited for the adventure of a lifetime as my classmates and I are!


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