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cadet blogs

Out of the Darkness and Springing into the Light

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Rossi Photo Well, the good news is that the dark ages are over, which is generally from the time we get back from winter leave until the beginning of March when there is more darkness than light. Moving past the dark ages, the biggest and probably the most important night during the year is Billet Night. At this special occasion, the first class cadets get to find out their assignment for the next two years. I would not know the feeling and excitement this brings because I am only a third class, but talking to those who have graduated, they said Billet Night was the biggest joy they had at the Academy. It makes sense though, because all that time and effort put in over the past four years was all working to put in for your dream billet. Although I am not a first class, I am still excited for them because 2013 is the class who trained my class. A lot of them have made positive impacts on me and guided me through fourth class year, which I found to be quite the challenge.


The day after Billet Night is the last day of class before spring break. The time off is a great opportunity to relax and just be work free for a week before hitting the second half of the semester hard, working toward the summer training period. I speak as if this will happen instantly and believe it or not time moves fast here. The challenges of preparing the fourth class for boards still lies ahead, but in order to do that we must all keep trucking forward with a positive mental attitude.


More about Michael.


Summing Up Fourth Class Year

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Daghir Photo Hello. It’s Lucy. I just got back from Grease, the musical! Tonight was opening night and the play went so well. It was really funny and I had no idea how many talented singers went to the Academy! The musical was a nice way to end the week. I will be honest and say that in the past two weeks, everything has been piling on top of itself; between tests, and trainings, and BOARDS, I have been quite busy. I took my first Board on Thursday. Sadly, I failed with a six out of ten, and to pass you need an eight. I wasn’t too upset about it though because I have two more attempts before spring break. Boards are a big deal for fourth class cadets because they are in a way the climax of being a fourth class. You learn what it means to be in the military all year long, starting in Swab Summer when you learn how to dress and march, and finishing the year with damage control and cadet van trainings, as we get ready to go into the fleet for the first time as cadets (aside from the one week on Eagle during Swab Summer). Taking boards is a way to sum up everything we did all year, as well as make sure that we know everything (or most) of what we will need to know about the Coast Guard for when we are out at a station or afloat this summer. Also, when we pass boards individually, we get privileges like listening to music out loud, or being able to write on the white boards outside of our rooms. If we all pass as a class though, WE GET FULL CARRY ON. And other awesome things like rec gear (a polo and khakis) that we can wear instead of wearing a full uniform out on liberty. I really hope that I pass before spring break!!!


I finished my indoor track season this month, and I have a few weeks to go until the offshore sailing season starts. It is nice to have a bit of a break from the sports, although I really look forward to getting back on the water especially when it finally gets warmer around here. It has been pretty cold in the recent months and although the snow day we had was a lot of fun, I think I am ready to be warm again. Time has been flying and I honestly don’t think that the notorious “Dark Ages” have been too dreary, just busy and snowy.


In the past month and a half, we had 101st night, which is when a fourth class and a second class switch places after a week of morale and playing pranks on each other (my second class switched all of my furniture so that I couldn’t get to the contents of my drawers or desk), and I have gone on an Officers’ Christian Fellowship retreat. It is crazy to think that in two months, it will be the end of the school year! Wish me luck on boards :)