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San Diego: Boats and Surfing

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Dahill-Baue Photo As the days grow shorter and darker, I have been reflecting a lot on the summer….


This past summer was one of the best summers of my life. I started my summer by reporting to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Barque Eagle here in New London, Connecticut. Eagle was fun, but hard work. I loved climbing in the rigging, and had a lot of fun at our port calls in Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Cozumel.


However, the highlight of my summer was working at the Coast Guard Station in San Diego, California for the second half of my summer. I was stationed there with my friend, 3/c Carlie Gilligan, and we worked toward getting qualified as a member of the boat crew and our pepper spray qualification (yes, you get sprayed point-blank with military-grade pepper spray and then you have to fight someone off and gain control of the situation while your eyes are on fire). The boat crew qualification was a lot of hard work, encompassing everything from learning how to drive the boats to first aid.


However, it wasn’t all work all the time. We worked two days on, and then would have two days completely off, so Carlie and I got in a lot of surfing, beach time, Padres games, and adventuring.


On days we could leave early from the station, the typical day looked like this:


0645: Rise and shine!


0700: Breakfast in the galley


0800: Workday begins


0800-1045: Cleaning boats, working toward qualifications


1045-1230: Lunch, working out, relaxing


1230-1400: More cleaning boats, working toward qualifications, going out in the boats, having fun


1500: Leave base, drive to pick up fellow 3/c stationed on USCGC Boutwell, also in San Diego


1600-1900: Surfing in Coronado


2000: Mexican food dinner in Downtown San Diego


2200: Back on Base, hanging out, ready to repeat!


Overall, it was an AWESOME summer!


More about Clara.