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cadet blogs

The First Time Home

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Sandri Photo For Thanksgiving Break, I went home for the first time since reporting in this July. I’m lucky in that my parents have driven up from Maryland to visit a few times, but it’s a totally different feeling to return home. Seeing my friends from high school and participating in the family’s home dynamic again was really awesome, familiar, and a well-needed break. I got to catch up and swap stories with friends in person instead of through letter writing and emails (although, trips to the mailroom are still exciting!), hang out with my siblings, cook, take the dog for long walks and unwind in general.


Several people warned us that returning to the Academy for the first time during 4/c year is especially difficult, but my experience wasn’t that tough. It sounds sappy, but we do have a “family” made of friends here, who make the long days and nights easier and often enjoyable. Coming from a non-military family, the hardest part about attending school here is definitely handling the disconnections between my home and military worlds; people from home aren’t aware of what life is like in a military environment. After realizing this, I made a goal to take time every day to communicate with my friends and family from home, which makes a huge difference.


Before we know it, it will be Winter Break, and I’m motivated to push through the rest of the first semester. Seven days to go; we can do it!



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Wrapping It All Up

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Krakower Photo Nothing quite describes the end of the year at the Academy. First of all, the cadets are a mix of absolutely excited to go on Winter Break, and at the same time annoyed at the fact that they are still here in New London. Thanksgiving Leave is a bit of a tease, so it puts a saltiness in the mouths of cadets as to how they feel.


For myself, I’m definitely more on the excited side. Rolling in with high grades into finals is a…we’ll say new experience for me. Going at finals will be different; rather than saving my grade, I just have to keep it up! I’m not too worried, and so that should end up giving me my highest GPA here to date. As for theater and music, we just finished our performance of Rumors, which went marvelously. On top of that, the Idlers finished our annual Christmas at the Griswold Inn performance which was also excellent! We have the Governor’s Mansion Performance as well as the Lights and Carols Service remaining, two big hits for the group. I also got cast (against my will) into the musical, Guys and Dolls, so that will be coming up in springtime as well!


My tenure as a Master-At-Arms is coming to an end, and I’ve really enjoyed the position. Having 11 4/c under my wing to work with and mentor has been nothing short of fun, interesting, and difficult. Changing them from swabs to 4/c was not necessarily an easy task, but it was a rewarding one. Most of them are fully developed into the corps, especially in Echo. Working alongside the Guidon and other 2 MAAs, I can say I’m really proud of the work we did.


Just a few more projects, quizzes, and tests away from being totally done with my fifth semester at CGA. It’s gone by way too fast. Soon enough, we’ll be putting in for our 1/c summer, and after that… well, who knows?



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