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cadet blogs

The Semester is Drawing to a Close

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Sakowicz Photo What an amazing semester; it’s hard to believe that it is drawing toward a close so quickly. The rapidly changing weather of New London is keeping us vigilant as we near finals, changing from jackets to shield the snow in the morning, to no jackets as the suns bakes us during afternoon sports. I am so proud of my class and all of my friends for pushing through these trying times and keeping their goal in mind. That’s what we have to do here. If a class gets too hard, or we’re just tired of working we all need to just stop, take a deep breath and reevaluate what we are doing. In the words of the Chaplain, “It’s supposed to be stressful, but it’s not impossible.”


Only one week until I get to see my family and it will be nice to have a break from school. I will miss my friends a lot thought. Last weekend one of my good friends stayed with me in a store at the mall for three hours to make sure I could get my phone fixed. You know you have a true friend if they stay with you for hours in a humid cell phone store.


I look forward to finishing this year out strong and proving to the rest of my family that I can pass calculus as well as the rest of these classes. Have a fantastic winter break and good luck with those applications, Class of 2018!



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Pre-Thanksgiving Jitters

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Schroeder Photo Hello again! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just a week away; I am so excited to go home to Montana. I haven’t been home since August and I’m so excited to see my friends, family, and the mountains! November has flown by, even faster than October, and it’s unbelievable how the semester is already almost over.


This month went well though, I have been keeping up my grades in school and I keep getting to go on awesome field trips with my major. This month we went to a news station in Hartford for Meteorology where we got to talk to a weather broadcaster and we also got to go visit the Mystic Aquarium with my Marine Biology class. Overall the workload is lessening as the semester draws to a finish, and final project/exam-prepping is starting to commence.


I just finished my rugby season this past Saturday. We made it all the way to the national rugby tournament and we finished somewhere between 9th and 14th nationally; we’re still waiting to hear the official word. Either way it’s really exciting to be ranked that high nationally! I’ve never been on a team that is done that well before.


I don’t know about everybody else, but I am really craving snow. It’s been nice that the weather has been so mild this fall, but I’m also so excited to go skiing, sledding and to just play in the snow. I know my hometown has some, which is another reason I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, but I really hope I’ll have snow to come back to after Thanksgiving leave.



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