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A Return to Blogging

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Roddy Photo After a year hiatus, I am pleased to finally return to the world of blogging. Last year was a busy time for me, and with the many pressures of the Academy, I chose to take a break from blogging in order to get my academics and other club participation in order. Now that I have finally settled in and found my niche at the Academy, I hope to begin updating regularly again, and I will give you a brief overview of what I did my 3/c summer, picking up from shortly after my last update.


For my 3/c summer, I had the incredible experience of sailing the Caribbean with the Barque Eagle. We sailed from New London down to San Juan, Puerto Rico, then onto Aruba, Cozumel, Mexico, and concluded in Miami, Florida. It was a busy and tiring six weeks, without much sleep while we were at sea, but it was wonderful and absolutely worth the effort. The port calls were phenomenal and there’s no better feeling to be paid for sailing a route most people pay thousands to visit.


After Eagle, I went on my operational assignment to Station New York, on Staten Island. While I was initially disappointed that I wasn’t going to a station famous for search and rescue like Station Monterrey or Station Cape Disappointment, nor was I going anywhere that exotic, Station New York ended being the best summer I could have asked for. While at Station New York, I was able to earn my communications watch stander qualification as well as my basic boat crew qualification, which was an amazing training experience. I got to stand communication watch during a real search and rescue case, and I got placed into the duty rotation like a real member of the station’s work force. I was also able to be an observer to a law enforcement case as boats dispatched from station searched for and found a boat where a man was holding a woman against her will after a bad date. I also got the opportunity to be a ride along during a maritime Presidential security detail, closing down parts of the Hudson so that President Obama could safely fly into Manhattan to address the United Nations. It was incredible to see the Coast Guard in action and take all the lessons we learned at the Academy and apply them in the fleet. I had a truly fantastic 3/c summer and I am grateful for all the Coast Guardsmen and women that made it all possible!


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