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cadet blogs

The Final Push

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Cantrell Photo This is the final push till the end! With just under two weeks, work is piling up and the studying has commenced. Multiple assignments are due this week and I have four tests next week. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I am taking one class and day at a time and motivating myself by knowing I am almost home.


I am so excited for winter leave it’s unreal. It’s been five months since I have been home and seen my family. I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and spend time with my family. The warmth of the Florida sun is calling my name and it will be great to relax on the beach and soak it all in!


November was a pretty standard month, schoolwork, diving practice, and diving meets. Sometimes it feels like you are doing the same thing every single day and in reality you are, but it’s nice to be in a routine. You get use to being on a schedule and honestly it helps me with my time management skills.


Thanksgiving was a great break for the Corps of Cadets. It was a relaxing five days that, like always, went by WAY too fast. I wasn’t able to go home, but I still had a great break with lots of amazing food!


I hope everyone has a great holiday spent with family and friends!!




More about Sara.


Standing Duty

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Daghir Photo Hello blog enthusiasts, people who are bored, or otherwise inclined to read this! I am currently sitting in the Cadet Watch Office of the United States Coast Guard Academy standing an overwhelming number of hours of duty on this fine Thursday/study and conference day. Each class stands a certain type of duty. Each of the eight companies stands duty on a rotating schedule, which repeats companies every eight days. For 4/c, it is called Reg Rio, and they sign up for one to three hours per duty day and although this happens every eight days, they don’t stand duty for very long so it isn’t a huge undertaking. For 3/c, my current occupation, we are required to fill out the duty roster of 4/c and then to stand duty that day as well. Except for each company’s duty day, there are only two 3/c signed up while all 4/c are able to take duty. The two 3/c work together to fill out the duty roster and then to stand the entire day in the watch office as the 4/c rotate through. Sometimes when it is a day of class, many 3/c may be asked to stand duty, but on a day when there are no classes, a 3/c may just decide to sit in the watch office and try to be productive while answering phones and making pipes, and ensuring that the 4/c are showing up.


The next two years of duty happen a lot less than for the firsties and the 2/c, them standing only about one or two days of duty for the whole year. These jobs involve a lot more responsibility and effort than your typical 4/c or 3/c duty.


But anyway, I am standing a lot of duty today because I had to cheer for a football game that was away on a day that I originally had been signed up, so I filled out the duty roster and then got my friend to stand the duty for me and told him that I would stand for him when he had duty. That debt is currently being repaid.


Study and conference day is what that separates the last day of class from the first day of finals. It is a day that people can go to bed early or just relax and take a breather. Most of my engineering friends will be studying today but I probably won’t study that much because I validated the final that I was supposed to have on Friday so I can just studying for my Saturday Physics final then. My grades are pretty solid going into finals and I am really going to try to keep my gold star. I think that the hardest final is going to be Physics, a class of which I am not a huge fan. Not that it is not a good subject but the way they have it set up, we go to class three times a week for two hours each time which is a lot. Regardless, I am just excited to be less than a week away from returning to good ole Maryland!


Over Christmas leave I am excited to say that I will be spending New Years with some of my best Academy friends. I think that this is just evidence to the fact that we are becoming so close up here in Connecticut that we want to spend our free time together as well. I am very excited to go home and to bake and make snow men. I hope that it snows a lot in Maryland!


Before I go, I just wanted to mention Winter Formal! It was last weekend and I had a blast! My friends curled my hair and being a third class, I still had to wear Dinner Dress Blues but it wasn’t even that bad to wear them. I had so much fun with my date and after the dinner (which had a surprisingly tasty vegetarian meal); we hit the dance floor and danced to the live band. It was a good time! I can hardly wait for next year though when I get to wear civilian dresses!


I hope that wherever you are, you are having a nice day and that you might have gotten something out of my blog Have a great holiday!

-Your Faithfully Devoted Blogger,
3/c Lucy Daghir
Delta Company